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  Are you interested in changing the world?

Are you willing to try something fun, easy and new?

Try this...


1. Wear a Blue Shirt on Friday.

2. Be Peaceful and listen to others.

3. Pass it on and repeat each Friday.


Yes, there is a little more to it, we will fill you in on the details soon.  The point of our project is to create an expanding group of people who can quietly act together every Friday and promote a peaceful conversation about change.

To make real and lasting change in the world, peaceful people must be willing to work together, try new ideas and most importantly, maintain respect for differing views.

There is more to come, some ideas, hints about how to listen, and questions you might ask.  In the meantime, please consider being peaceful this Friday and each following Friday, while wearing a Blue Shirt.

Stay tuned to this web page and/or send us an email at the address in the image below.

We Would love to have a picture of you and your friends in Blue

Send your photos to the gmail address above...

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